Welcome to Bread’s international redemption depot. Your Bread are securely stored at our FOOD banks at no cost to you.

Please Note: This site enables you to redeem your Bread (FOOD) tokens for the physical Bread emergency food. You can purchase Bread from https://bread.ax. Bread is packaged and delivered in packs containing 100 units and a maximum of 3 packs (300 units) can be shipped in a box. Although you can redeem any quantity of Bread emergency food online, we recommend contacting our office for any deliveries exceeding 2,500 units.

One (1) Bread (FOOD) digital receipt or token proves ownership of one (1) physical Bread. Redemption will therefore always remain one to one.

You can redeem your Bread (FOOD) tokens for your physical Bread in three simple steps.

  1. Send the number of tokens you want to redeem from your Crypto or Exchange Wallet to the redemption account below. Please note, you can only redeem Bread in multiples of 100 so only send token amounts divisible by 100 to the redemption account.


2. Select the matching shipping and handling package or combination of packages from the options below.

3. Go to the Checkout, adjust the package quantities as necessary, complete the order form and delivery address details.

4. You can pay for the shipping and handling with Stripe or PayPal.

You will receive a redemption order confirmation and your order will be processed within two (2) business days.

If you want delivery to the same address, shipping and handling is more economical to do in bigger lots. For example, it is better to redeem one 300 lot rather than three 100 lots or one 100 and a 200 lot. Please Note: a 300 lot is the largest size that can be handled by Australia Post and conventional courier companies. Please contact the office for deliveries over 2,500 lots.